An advanced fleet
management app *

Stay up-to-date with your fleet via our FREE mobile DOT Vehicle Manager App

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Effortlessly track
your entire fleet

Introducing our latest innovation - the NEW DOT Vehicle Manager App. Take advantage of this powerful app to effortlessly increase fleet visibility and monitor the real-time activity of all your vehicles, drivers, deliveries and compliance via your smartphone.

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A real-time view of
your vehicles

Track your vehicles and view details, including vehicle reg,
latest GPS, activity status, mileage, speed, and fuel.

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Revolutionise your fleet management with our app, which integrates all our software seamlessly. Get access to real-time data that unlocks endless possibilities. Monitor your fleet's performance, track deliveries, ensure safety and maintain compliance with ease. Our all-in-one solution is built to make fleet management effortless and efficient. Try our innovative technology today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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Track your driver’s
live tacho data

You can check if your vehicles have a driver's card inserted and view your driver's
live tacho periods, including rest, break, and duty time.

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Extensive details
about your fleet

View the Geofence activities of vehicles entering, leaving, speeding, and current waiting times. See your vehicle's live location, driver details, driver behaviour, distance travelled, and journey trails on Google Maps.

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View your daily
walk-around checks

Check that all daily vehicle walk-around inspections have been completed correctly, and your fleet will be safe and compliant.

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An indispensable
app for managers

Ultimately, the DOT Vehicle Manager app increases your insight into your fleet's daily activities enhance safety and boost overall efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for fleet managers striving for success.

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View collection
and deliveries

The DOT Vehicle Manager App lets you view the job number, driver details,
collection and delivery times, address details, and delivery period.

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The perfect vehicle
tracking systems

Manage your commercial fleet in real-time with one of our
vehicle tracking options. Get in touch for more information.

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